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17 Apr

The Yellow Power Suit , here is how to wear it !!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!! There are plenty of new trends and styles to try this spring/summer 19 but if you are going to commit to the most “IT” look of the season, make the yellow pantsuit your favorite. Obviously yellow color is one of the most vibrant colors of all time, many women are afraid to go for a full yellow look but if you want to be a fashion “connaisseur “ and look trendy then go for it , but before that you need to know how to choose the right yellow that can flatter your skin tone : «  If you have pale skin tone like mine the mustard yellow and dark yellow are ideal but if...
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16 Apr

Power Blazer Trend

Hello everyone!!! Female blazer represents a piece of outwear in the form of a fitted jacket, a masculine piece that has been reinvented to fit every fashionable woman this season, this Spring/ summer 19 the long blazer will be the most stylish and sophisticated piece of women’s wardrobe. I have always been obsessed with this trend, the long blazer is one of my all-time favorite clothing pieces because I can easily match it with any clothing piece (skirts, dresses, jeans ...
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12 Apr

Skirts – over – pants trend

Hello everyone!!! Skirts - over - pants are making a comeback, wearing skirts and dresses over pants is one of those things that I used to feel I could never pull off, but with time I realized that it's pretty practical and chic. Back in the 80s wearing pants under skirts was very popular on the red carpets and runways, today it is beyond that, this trend is hitting not only the runways but it seems to be the ”IT” of the street style trend of 2019. The key to making it work is sticking it to tailored silhouettes or skinnies especially if you are petite. Thank you so much for reading 💋 Outfit ...
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7 Apr

Wild Trend

Hello everyone !!! Animal print and red color are a favorite among the fashionistas this season, to follow the lead and unleash your own inner jungle cat, go for a red color and leopard print combination because they are the most immediate 2019 trend to embrace. It might look exaggerated for some of you but believe me you will look super elegant if you wear it. As a fashion addict, I decided to join the wild fashionistas team by wearing a breezy red color maxi dress with ruffled long sleeves and bow neck which is arguably the look of the season that I paired with leopard matching shoes and bag. This look can be the perfect choice for...
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2 Apr

Wear it loud and Proud

Hello everyone!!!! Color blocking is an easy way to add vibrancy and style to your look, so why pick those boring colors when you can have bright interesting ones. So ladies, this spring season you must give your closet a revamp for the warm weather, but please before you go loud and bright take into consideration that pairing the right combinations can make or break your look, the reason why you must choose the perfect contrast ideas when styling an outfit. Let me give you an example of one of the most beautiful and trendy colors this season; ”Yellow and Green ”!!! This color combination always works perfectly, though they are extremely contrast to each other , but still manage...
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1 Apr

How to dress like a fashion icon !!!

Hello everyone !!! If you want to stand out from the crowd of women who dress exactly the same then this post is for you !!!! When we think about Fashion Icons , we think of someone who has consistently a revolutionary in fashion, someone who create rules to fit in , someone who is daring and fearless. If you always follow simple fashion trends , you will just end up looking like everyone else , fashion icons never try to blend in just to fit with the crowd; a fashion icon pushes her own style and let others follow. Dare to experiment with colors, makeup, accessories and hairstyles, the bold splashes of colors and fabrics will draw the eye...
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29 Mar

African print magic !!!!

Hello Everyone!!! African print dresses are colorful, vibrant and simply beautiful, the perfect choice for a happy stylish look. Today the African print wear is worn on more occasions than just traditional ceremonies which they were formerly popular for, the African Fashion is what you see most in events and runways!!!! African print fashion has become a worldwide trend among the youth and even the old, it is seen in most events Such as red carpets, weddings, parties and even fashion shows. I personally love pairing the western outfits with African wax print, the combination gives an incredible look so chic, stylish and elegant but this time I opted for a full Ankara look, an easy breezy dress accessorized with an African...
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26 Mar

Tonal Dressing

Hello Everyone!!! Setting the tone is the easiest way to look polished this season, from head to toe one tone color pallets can create a high - yet streamlined look. Monochrome doesn’t need to be all black to look sleek; you can take things up a notch by wearing all pastels , all metallic or all neon because the trend says that this season you have to wear it loud and proud, the tonal dressing and neon can never be too loud when it comes to color combination especially that the bold fuschia, orange and green are taking the lead this season . You can go for multiple shades of the same color ( lemon green, green,..)...
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24 Mar

Sneakers Trend

Hello everyone!!!! This season has seen a huge trend of comfortable well-tailored clothes paired with sneakers, from affordable clothing brands to high-end fashion the sneakers trend is popping!!!! They can be worn with a lot more outfits than you think, this season there is nothing more stylish than pairing the casual with sophisticated. You can rock your sneakers with a tailored suit or your favorite dress, there is nothing forbidden on this season fashion trend !!! Below is my personal selection of some of the most stylish, trendy and beautiful sneakers. Thank you so much for reading 💋 Givenchy Dolce & Gabbana Dior Fendi Nike Chanel Casadei ...
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22 Mar

Soft Lavender

Heloo Everyone !!! What a Statement this on trend lavender color makes , the softer purple is perfect for spring and mixes well with tons of other colors such as pastels and neon. Soft shades of lavender and lilac popped up this SS19 season and i couldn’t be more pleased to have the romantic fashion style back, this color is considered sensual and flirty !!!! It is one of the best ways to define women ’s feminisms and sensuality that is why I am always ready to make room for this shade. On this post, I wanted to make lavender the focal point of my look the reason why I wore a single piece that I paired with minimalistic accessories,...
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