Silk blouse & Mid Flare Skirt

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Happy Wednesday everyone !!!!

The weather is hot 🔥🔥🔥!!! But I am enjoying it 😬!  That's why I feel blessed to be leaving in Ghana 🙏 !!!!! Where in the world will you enjoy a warm weather mostly through the year ??? Where on earth can you afford to get an organic coconut water (which is the healthiest water in the world and its benefits are magical) at any moment of the year ??? I feel  blessed ❤️ !!! While others have to live  in a very freezing weather under the snow and the rain 🙈  I am enjoying a tropical weather and a beautiful beaches 😍  Lucky me !!!!! So here I am under a super sunny weather  rocking a Ghana made blouse which is 100% silk made by an amazing Ghanaian  fashion designer (please check out her IG page. She got an awesome collection  @ophelia_crossland) This is the kind of top you can rock at anytime and to any event !!! It all depends on what you pair it with !!!!! You can wear it with a jeans for a casual look , a long sequin skirt for a glamourous evening look , ... or even with a hot pants  ... just name it !!! This blouse is something I will definitely carry with me anywhere I travel , because first I can wear it in sooo many different ways and secondly the texture of the fabric doesn't wrinkle so if I put it inside my travelling bag I will not need ironing it before  wearing it 😊. It's really convenient 👌. I think this piece is a "must have" in your wardrobe 👍. And because I was in a good mood I had to wear a multicolor skirt to bring out the happiness inside me 😬. It's always a good idea to let your feelings reflect on your style and look 😊. I think the skirt goes perfectly with the blouse ❤️. 

Thanks for reading.

Bisou. 💋 💋 💋

What I Wore

Blouse : Ophelia Crossland 
Skirt: Studio Tangs
Shoes : Aldo 
Bag : Chanel 
Sunglasses : Prada

Photographer: Kingkwekuananse Photography